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Visions of the Future – NOMAD Nation interviews

Sur 26, juil 2013 | Aucun Commentaire | Catégorie: Environement, Philosophie, Visions du Public | Auteur: Jason Rodi

The day before my departure for The EXPEDITION for the FUTURE, I invited friends and family to NOMAD Nation and interviewed them to collect their vision of the future for the time capsule I left at the summit of Bouvet Island.

The participants are, in order of appearance:
Sindre Ulvik Péladeau
Albert Sebe
Marielle Lalande
Samuel Lalande Markon
Joanne Tremblay
Benoît Dubois
Thien Vu Dang
Vishal Kassie
Nathalie Macé
Bobbi Jo Hart

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