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Bouvet Island

The Summit of Bouvet Island – first attempt in history

Sur 23, jan 2012 | 4 Commentaires | Catégorie: Bouvet Island, Carnet de Voyage | Auteur: Jason Rodi

What makes this voyage truly unique is that we will attempt to bring the expedition to the summit of Bouvet Island. I can’t think of a more remote point on Earth, at least above water. To do this we’ve enlisted the help of one of the most active Antarctic mountaineers, New Zealander Aaron Halstead. Together with the captain, he has to figure out the best place to zodiac onto the island so that we can take the best route up to the summit. Bouvet Island is not entirely mapped out yet, but just with Google Earth Aaron can find a couple of possible ways up:
« I have been studying Google Earth and even though Bouvet has steep cliffs for most of it’s entirety, there are 2 obvious ‘weaknesses’ – both up glacial routes. I think these are achievable (depending on conditions when we arrive). I still think the crux of the whole thing will be getting onto shore. As long as we can land, we should have a reasonably good chance. I don’t know what to recommend in terms of time at the island, but obviously the more the better, but who knows, we may get lucky and get ashore on day one or two. The great thing about the climb is the most challenging part is right off the beach, if we can get through that in a few hours, then we should be able to climb the mountain in one day. »

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  1. Bravo et bonne chance pour votre periple.

  2. Bonjour Jason,
    Je viens de voir votre entrevue à Martineau (LCN) et votre périple semble des plus intéressants! Bonne chance!

  3. Bonjour, j’ai informé Tom Hart de votre voyage, le Penguinologue du zoo de Londre, il est presentement a Ushuaia et aimerait bien mettre la main sur quelque plumes pour son projet de recherche sur les populations de manchots de l’Antarctique…

    Bon voyage !


    • J’arrive à Ushuaia le 5 Février. Il peut me contacter par le site, je reçois tout!

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