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Carnet de Voyage

The Beginning is the End

Sur 12, déc 2012 | Aucun Commentaire | Catégorie: Carnet de Voyage, Journal de Bord, Time Capsule, Vidéo | Auteur: Jason Rodi

I was going through Amsterdam on my way home from The EXPEDITION for the FUTURE. In my bag was the only copy of the film, the testament to the epic journey that had taken me from the end to the beginning of human exploration, by way of the last place on this good Earth, Bouvetøya. It wasn’t only that I was carrying the entirety of a half million dollar project in my bag, but mostly it was the message that it held. After having climbed the highest mountain on every continent with my father, this final voyage had closed the loop that the first nomads opened in Africa, to as far as they could walk, the Southernmost point of South America. What I discovered along the way could only be described in the form of an image, that of the gateway I found at the Cape of Good Hope. The future in my hand, the entire story came clear to me then, in this European point of transit, neither here nor there. Amsterdam is the last place I filmed for the expedition for I knew that I had a movie. The loop was closed, the beginning was indeed the end.

The Beginning is the End from The NOMADS on Vimeo.

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