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Sur 27, nov 2011 | Aucun Commentaire | Catégorie: | Auteur: Jason Rodi

Série Web

The Expedition for the Future is an award winning web series that followed the crew of the Hanse Exlorer from Cape to Cape, by way of the most remote land on Earth.

Fewer people have been there than have been to the moon.
This dramatic trip lies at the heart of THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH a gripping documentary that combines fierce weather and majestic wildlife, that takes never- before-seen visuals of the last unexplored landscape on earth to tell the story of a journey to the end of the world.

Jason and Bruno are dedicated travelers and adventurers – the more extreme the better. Together they’ve climbed the Seven Summits, sailed across the Pacific, cycled the 100th anniversary Tour de France, and trekked to the South and North Poles. But they’ve never done anything like this before.
To Bruno, the journey to Bouvet Island is enough in and of itself as it is part of his tour of World Heritage sites. To the bemusement (and maybe even dismay) of his son Jason, that’s not a good enough reason for going. If they are going to go, why not make something more of it? Make something lasting? Leave their imprint, as it were. And so to deepen the quest, the pair invites seven people along, an international crew of scientists, artists, historians and fellow adventurers to explore the unknown with them, climb to the summit of Bouvet Island, and place a time capsule at the top containing visions of the future.

The journey begins on the ‘Hanse Explorer’, a great exploration yacht of over 150 feet. On board, the Rodis are joined by the ship’s captain, Jens Köthen who is German, his two nautical assistants who are Argentinian and Dutch, and Brit Robert Headland, a polar historian. The rest of the team includes mountain guide Aaron Halstead of New Zealand, Hungarian environmental scientist Akos Hivekoviks, president of the Canadian Humanist Association Sarto Blouin, underwater photographer Will Allen, actress Cindy Sampson, and a South African crew. All of them are on a historical voyage to Bouvet Island.
Their 6-week journey is immediately marked by encounters with sharks, whales, seals and penguins. As the Hanse Explorer navigates its way by icebergs, through storms and across apocalyptic landscapes on antarctic islands, the team battles seasickness, grows closer, documents uncharted territories and rare wildlife sightings, collects visions of the future from people following the expedition online, while trying to deal with the isolation and exhilaration of being in the middle of nowhere.
Tension mounts as they approach Bouvet Island. The island is notorious for the fog that constantly surrounds it, making it extremely difficult to approach safely and get a proper viewpoint for a possible landing. The team doesn’t even know if there’s a beach to land on, or if they will need to climb onto the ice wall from their zodiac.

The zodiac manages to land and the team starts the climb, time capsule in tow. As they use their GPS to pinpoint the summit, the time capsule becomes an unexpected burden for Jason. On the last part of the climb, as his legs begin to fail him, he exchanges bags with his father who carries the time capsule the rest of the way. Finally it’s placed at the top.
The climb takes about 12 hours, there and back. It’s dangerous, hard, and cold. And everyone knows the risks: in the event of an injury, rescue is impossible. Bouvet Island is more remote than Everest or even Antarctica. There are no helicopters, and the closest ship is over a week away.

The adventure doesn’t end with reaching the summit. Two days after leaving Bouvet Island, the ship is hit by lightning. The Hanse Explorer loses its satellite connection, completely cutting them off from the world. One of the ship’s passengers, Cindy, is actually struck by lightning. She temporarily loses her memory and sees the world in a whole new way when she finally comes to.
After 35 days on turbulent waters, the Hanse Explorer is running out of fuel and resources but finally makes its way to the southernmost tip of Africa, carrying a changed crew who have been to the end of the world – and survived to tell the tale.

A film by Jason Rodi, Produced by Robbie Hart.