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L’équipage à bord du Hanse Explorer contribuera à une vision collective du futur. Ils publieront leur journal de bord tout au long de la traversée à fin d’échanger avec les internautes sur l’avenir de l’humanité sur Terre.


Jens Köthen, German

Jens began his career at sea in 1984 at the age of 17 in East Germany. Working at sea presented a rare opportunity to venture beyond the ‘iron curtain’ during that period and discover the world. He initially worked aboard reefer ships, bulk carriers and general cargo vessels. After the Berlin Wall came down, Lake Constance in southern Germany became Jens’s home for several years, where he captained a tourist vessel on the lake. Although he enjoyed his time on Lake Constance, the call of the ocean was too great for Jens to resist, so he then embarked upon further studies at the Maritime University in Bremen, graduating in 2002. Jens held positions as Navigation & Safety Officer and Chief Mate aboard a variety of ships before joining the luxury cruise ship EUROPA. Jens later found his true calling aboard the expedition ship HANSEATIC, which conducts expedition cruises worldwide. His passion and curiosity for the Arctic and Antarctic wilderness brought him finally to HANSE EXPLORER where he has been working as Chief Mate and Captain since 2009. Jens loves interacting with whales and dolphins and he often spends his vacations swimming with them in South Pacific waters.


Concept / Writer / Producer

Jason Rodi graduated from New York University’s film school with Great Distinction, and since founded the Montreal new media arts and entertainment company, Moment Factory. Guided by a passion for family, adventure, and fiction, he has traveled in over 60 countries, sailed across the Pacific ocean, skied to the North and South Poles, and climbed the highest mountain on every continent, from which he directed the award winning documentary, The Eye of the Son. 99¢ Dreams succeeded it, a docu-fiction feature filmed on the seven continents. Jason is the founder and creative director of the NOMAD Industries content agency.



Montreal-born photographer and filmmaker Will Allen is captivated by the spectacular vitality of the underwater world. This fascination has led him to explore some extraordinary locales – from photographing sub-aquatic caves in Mexico, to filming champion surfers in Tahiti (as seen in the 3D IMAX film Ultimate Wave Tahiti). His stunning images of 10-time world champion surfer Kelly Slater have been published in National Geographic. His preferred subject is the beautiful but elusive great white shark.



If you look for Chakib, you will most likely find him in front of his computer screen. His hard work and creativity have made him a respected and awarded web designer and creative director. Based in Montreal, he is also a talented photographer and director. When not at work, however, you may find Chakib diving with the great sharks in South Africa, driving a 4×4 through the Sahara desert, bungee jumping, snowboarding or rafting, mostly rafting, in Canada. Adventure inhabits him, and the sea is his favorite playground. As a child, Chakib grew up with a fascination for the Mediterranean sea. His father taught him everything he knows about boats and sailing. Before he can fulfill his lifetime dream of building his own boat and sailing around the globe with his little family, Chakib is ready to explore the world with The EXPEDITION for the FUTURE and will be in charge of the interactive map of the future explored on this odyssey.


Mountain Guide

Aaron lives in Queenstown, New Zealand and currently spends most of his life in the high mountains or on the ocean waves. An internationally qualified UIAGM Mountain and Ski Guide, Aaron has led clients on expeditions to mountain and Polar Regions around the globe.
His Antarctic background began with deep field science work, teaching survival training at a field base, and working for the international Rescue Team on the Antarctic Plateau. He has completed expeditions on a variety of adventure ships to all sectors of Antarctica including circumnavigating the continent, the Weddell Sea, the Ross Sea, East Antarctica, the Phantom Coast, numerous times to the Antarctic Peninsular, as well as the Antarctic and Sub Antarctic Islands.
He is a qualified Ambulance Paramedic, and has led professional high mountain rescue teams. He has worked extensively in the feature film and documentary industry, and his passions are mountain climbing, skiing, speed flying, expeditioning around the globe, and visiting wild and remote places.



Docteur en droit international, Sarto a voyagé dans plus d’une soixantaine de pays, a gravi le Kilimandjaro et plongé dans presque tous les océans. Il fut conseiller juridique (Head of Legal Affairs) pour les New7wonders, fondation qui, le 07.07.07, à Lisbonne, a « déclaré » les nouvelles 7 merveilles du monde (Taj Mahal, Muraille de chine, etc.,..) après le vote de 100 000 000 internautes pendant 7 ans.
Sarto conseille des gens d’affaires depuis plus de 30 ans, et négocie
souvent pour autrui, surtout dans le domaine immobilier.
Ce sera sa première expédition du genre.



In his journeys he has climbed the highest summit of each of the seven continents: Everest, Aconcagua, McKinley, El Brus, Kilimanjaro, Vinson and Kosciuszko. He’s also skied to both the North and South poles, completed the Tour de France, sailed all of the world’s oceans and several seas. Beginning in 2003, he undertook the challenge of travelling to all countries and territories on earth while visiting close to a thousand of the World Heritages Sites. Remarkably after eight years, he is almost done.


Technical Advisor / Environmental Scientist

With a specialization in population estimation in the field of ornithology, Akos graduated with a diploma in Environmental Sciences and Nature Conservation in 2000. His ornithology research has lead him to complete several ‘on the ground’ studies in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Madagascar, Mali, Turkey, Senegal, Tunisia, Morocco, India (among others), as well as a six months expedition into the jungles of Mt Cameroon, to collect baseline data of all avian species in hopes of establishing a national park in-conjunction with the Cameroonian and British governments. Akos has been expedition member and on-board ornithologist for nearly one hundred trips to the Antarctic and Arctic regions, as well as an eco-lodge manager in Botswana, Kenya, Fiji, and Costa Rica. In 1997, he founded an E.U. based conservation organization and continues to serve as Chairman of the Board. « Seven Years on Seven Continents for the Conservation of Nature », « Madagascar Wildlife Travel Guide », « Central America Travel Guide », and « Antarctica – Though a Photographer’s Eyes’, are just a few of the several publications he has authored. Akos has held over 15 photo exhibitions showcasing his incredible ability to capture nature at its most pure and wild moments, which has also been recognized through severl international awards in nature photography. He spends over 6 months of each year conducting Wildlife and Nature Travel trips and researching new destinations.


Scientific Advisor

Bob Headland is a Senior Associate of the Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge. He is an adviser to several expeditionary organizations, departments of government, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, and a member of the Institute for Historical Research of the University of London. His published works include books and numerous articles on his specializations. In 1984, he was decorated with the Polar Medal and is a member of both the Arctic Club and the Antarctic Club.



The interest in navigation started as a young girl sailing in the Stockholm archipelago with her father. Knowing she could never do the 9-5 job she joined one of the two Merchant Marine Academies in Sweden. Working as a trainee on different cargo ships she enjoyed coming to different ports and other countries.
In 1996 Heidi graduated as a deck officer and after one year on a bulk carrier in worldwide trade she started working on Swedish ferries in the Baltic. In 2005 she got the opportunity to sail on the cruise ship NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC EXPLORER around the British Isles and she immediately loved the combination of navigation and discovery of remote wildlife islands. Coming back to the ferries working as a Chief officer Heidi couldn’t forget about the previous passenger cruises, and in 2010 she signed on the cruise ship ISLAND SKY as Chief Officer sailing in the Mediterranean, Baltic, Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. One year later she was offered a position as Captain on the high-speed ferries in Sweden and went back to the Baltic. Even though maneuvering with water-jets was fun she missed coming to new locations every morning, and the HANSE EXPLORER was the perfect ship for doing that.
Not being able to stay away from the sea when on vacation, Heidi loves sailing, swimming, snorkeling, diving – anything that has to do with water!



Since Alan was a little boy he had a deep interest for nautical activities but wasn’t supported by his family because the Argentinean opinion is that becoming a nautical officer is only for the elite. When he finished high school Alan started working in a four star hotel in Buenos Aires as a concierge. After some time as a Front Desk Manager and Business Executive he felt he was missing something and decided to make his dream come true and signed up for a sailing course at the Buenos Aires University to get his skipper licence.
Alan did some sailing cruises in La Plata River and the Argentina and Uruguay coasts; and also worked in sailing boats. At this time he decided to join the Argentine Merchant Marine Academy.
Alan was a deck cadet for three years and finally a trainee officer for one year on the Tall Ship A.R.A. FRAGATA LIBERTAD and the product tanker ONA TRIDENTE.
Starting as Safety Officer on a product tanker, he later signed on a supply ship operating in the Magellan Strait as a Navigating Officer, but he was interested in something more exciting. When the opportunity to join HANSE EXPLORER came up he didn’t hesitate and took the chance.
Alan and his girlfriend love nature and wildlife. During holidays they do trekking, kayaking and wildlife watching.



Since the days of his summer vacations at a small island near Istanbul, Ali’s dream was to become a seaman. To follow this dream he studied in navigational high school and the maritime institute in Istanbul Technical University. He worked for the first time on board a ship in 2008 as a deck cadet on a tanker. In 2010, after four years of maritime studies, he received the offer to join HANSE EXPLORER as a 3rd Officer. In 4 months on board, he had sailed through the Baltic Sea, to Norway and to Svalbard. After completing his contract on HANSE EXPLORER, he joined a Turkish passenger ship and sailed between Turkey and Italy as a 2nd Officer, but he was always interested in returning to remote areas like Antarctica and the Arctic regions. When the chance came again to join HANSE EXPLORER he didn’t hesitate. As the safety officer he’s responsible for all safety equipment.
In his spare time Ali only enjoys spending time with his beautiful girlfriend.



As most seaman in the Ukraine, Yuriy started his career at sea after having graduated from State Maritime Academy in Odessa – that was back in 1994.
From 1994 to 1998 he worked as 3rd engineer on Ukrainian dredging vessels – something similar to “extreme sports” but a good chance to “grow up” as engineer. In 1998 he left the Ukrainian fleet and began the engineer’s career on foreign vessels of German owners.
In 2002 he joined the Harren & Partner fleet as 2nd engineer and worked on the heavy lift vessels of the fleet. In January 2008 he grabbed the opportunity to become chief engineer of HANSE EXPLORER – ready to explore the world.
Back home, he found his happiness with his family – with his wife Natasha, daughter Dasha, son Alexey and shepherd Gella. Yuriy is responsible for all “mechanics” – starting from the main engine, over the water makers, the electrical systems up to our biological sewage treatment plant. He always welcomes you for a tour in “his” engine room.



Emre started to work at sea after he graduated from the Black Sea Technical University in Turkey in 2010. During his college time, he worked as engineer cadet on Roll-on-Roll-off vessels for 12 months.
After completing his training he joined HANSE EXPLORER in 2011 to work as engineer assistant and wiper.
It is his first time on an expedition yacht and the first time on the southern hemisphere. He is very excited to see and experience places of the earth that other’s rarely ever get the chance to visit.
When going back home to Turkey he will continue his studies to become an Engineer.
In his free time Emre enjoys cars and horse riding.



Batiray started working at sea in 1990 on Greek cargo ships. After a few years he continued on Turkish cargo ships. When being employed by Harren & Partner he sailed both on container ships in the Caribbean
and tankers in Europe. In 2010 he started to work as bosun on the HANSE EXPLORER. Batiray is responsible for the outside maintenance of the yacht, launching and driving Zodiacs and carrying out carpenter jobs.
While he is on his holiday he spends his time with his wife and 13 months year old son.
Basketball and handball are his favorite sports.



For many years Ismail helped his father in his company in Turkey. But since one of his uncles was already a Captain at sea, Ismail became interested and started his career at sea onboard our HANSE EXPLORER in 2010. He enjoys working abroad, meeting new people and seeing new places.
Onboard Ismail assists Bosun with deck maintenance, cleaning, and Zodiac launching and driving.
Whilst on vacation he loves to spend time with family and friends. He works on the family farm and likes to deal with horses, cows, dogs and all other animals on the farm. Ismail enjoys playing soccer and runs every morning while at home.



Damien has enjoyed a career as a professional chef for over fourteen years working in large 5* hotels, Michelin Star restaurants, private villas & mountain chalets, as well as private & chartered motor yachts in the Mediterranean Sea. Trained by Marco Pierre White, Heston Blumenthal, and Raymond Blanc. Joined the HANSE EXPLORER with his partner Sericha in Nov 2011. He enjoys food, traveling, scuba diving, surfing, exploring new destinations and taking on new challenges.



Filipe is our youngest crewmember. After graduating culinary school in Lisbon he worked in a Michelin star restaurant. Filipe was keen to broaden his horizons so when the opportunity came up to join the HANSE EXPLORER grabbed it with both hands. He loves to explore new cultures and international food and is a keen photographer. His dreams are to travel and to open his own restaurant one day.



Lynette has always been a person with one foot at sea and one on shore. After eight years of working as a pharmacist assistant she decided to change her career for one at sea. After some experiences made in the Mediterranean she was ‘found’ by the HANSE EXPLORER and joined the team in June 2010. She has thoroughly enjoyed all the remote locations she has been to with the HANSE EXPLORER but travelling in the South Pacific stood out and remains a firm favorite. Lynette enjoys good music, reading, writing, being outdoors, travel and coffee.



Juanita has had many different experiences all over the world ranging from waitressing, teaching, cooking outdoors and running her own business providing flowers to wholesalers. She has also worked on a cargo ship. She grabbed the opportunity to join the HANSE EXPLORER team in March 2011. She is also interested in working as an expedition leader or wildlife guide in the future and is working her way toward meeting her goals by studying while onboard. Juanita enjoys travel and being outdoors.



Sericha is a qualified health and skin care therapist specializing in various massage technics. After working at the Cape Royale Hotel and Spa as head therapist for 3 years she decided to take her skills to the sea. She worked on various private and chartered motor yachts in the Mediterranean for 2 seasons when the opportunity to join the HANSE EXPLORER with her partner Damien came about. She was always fascinated by the ocean and enjoys travelling and the simple things in life. Keeping it real.