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Auteur: Participant

Max Grogan’s vision of the future: 1% FREE.

Sur 29, jan 2012 | 4 Commentaires | Catégorie: Visions du Public | Auteur: Participant

About the mural above, I drive by it everyday in Montreal and it is a gift. It’s by ELMAC and was painted last summer, on Rosemont in Montreal.

The photo was sent to me by Max Grogan who has been sending me what feels like a personal newsletter updating me with his latest track or inspiration or discovery about his father, Emmett Grogan.
This is his proposal for the time capsule, any other ideas what books we’d like our future selves to find in 50 years?:

If you’re going to plant something it should be three books:

Book 1 ~ The history of the bible.
Book 2 ~ The complete smithsonian encyclopedia on astrology & minerals.
Book 3 ~ The repuplique of (Plato).

And of course a human soul like that it will live forever.

You picked the perfect place to create a vision of the future. There will be time to read everything you receive and understand it, live it, like a Tibetan monk in a monastery, isolated.


Envoyé par : MAx Grogan


  1. Hi, writing from France…
    Do you thing there is any possibility to get in touch via an email with Emmett Grogan’s son Max ? I would be glad to ask him some things about his father writings. I just know he’s a musician and probably lives around Monreal, Canada.
    Thanks, if you can help me.

    • Yes, find me on Facebook and I will get you in touch with him: Jason Rodi

  2. Hi I was wondering how you got in contact with Max Grogan! I’m very interested in learning more about his father Emmett Grogan! If you could help me out and at least give me his contact information that would be great! Thank you!

    • I,ve known Max forever. We are friends on Facebook. I can get you in touch if you find me on Facebook: Jason Rodi

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