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En Haut

Bouvet Island

Last Broadcast Before Bouvet

We are arriving at Bouvet Island, the most remote land on Earth. The weather is perfect for our landing and hopefully we’ll find a route up to the summit. When I wake up in the morning, we’ll print the last of the visions of the future and will seal the time capsule I plan to leave at the summit. This is my last broadcast until I return. I carry with me your aspirations for the greatest of tomorrows. Dream, my friends, really dream!
This is an expedition for humanity; my family and loved ones, my dear wife Corinne, my beautiful daughter, Jane, and most of all Alix, yet to be born. May her future be filled with opportunity.
As high as the mountains, and deep as the sea, I love you all,

Music by You Are My Symphonic


  1. mes petites filles et moi, depuis Berlin nous vous suivons avec émotion, joie et bonheur. C’est un peu comme faire partie du voyage et découvrir combien le monde est touchant.
    on pense à vous et tout particulièrement à notre grand heros Chakib.
    Yamina, Louise et Elisa

  2. Congratulations all. Well done.

  3. Salut Sarto,

    Félicitations a toi et ton équipe!!! It’s quite amazing and special to have done what you have done. May the remainder of the trip be as exiting and rewarding.



    p.s. When will we see your mug on some of the videos?

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