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John Juster’s vision: a map of the human being

Sur 12, jan 2012 | Aucun Commentaire | Catégorie: Philosophie, Visions du Public | Auteur: Jason Rodi

John Juster made himself a map of how human beings relate with their existance starting with the first and full assumption that, first and foremost, « We are Beings ». He brings us another step toward a vision of the future, he may have even done it already.
To download the maps:
IAmABeing.Nov22.2011 Here is a simplified version of the WeAreBeings chArt. Easy to the eyes with just as much reach.
WeAreBeings.Nov22.2011 Here is the original version of the WeAreBeings chArt. Take it easy. It’s like an entire book on a single page, and some.

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