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Carnet de Voyage

Captain Jens Köthen’s Passion for Whales

Sur 18, fév 2012 | 2 Commentaires | Catégorie: Carnet de Voyage, Vidéo, Wildlife | Auteur: Jason Rodi

Captain Jens shares his great passion for the sea mammals. We had just started filming him when a whale appeared at the bow bringing us right to the heart of the man.

photos by Eric Leborgne
whale video by Yann Trebaol


  1. I am thoroughly enjoying following the journey through the videos and photos. I love catching glimpses of my nephew, Will, and hearing his voice the odd time.
    My vision/dream of the future would be that all sentient beings feel as connected to all life form as Captain Jens feels towards the whales and dolphins. If we all felt so compassionate about the natural world I believe we wouldn’t have such an environmental disaster on our hands. Captain Jens, thank you for sharing your feelings about that precious gift of an opportunity to swim with that Humpback Whale. Stay safe, everyone, and may the Bouvet Island experience be rich.

  2. Hello Jens
    I hope you feel good and that we’ll dive together one day with Humpbackwhales ..!!
    Take care of you and good luck for your life

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